Walker Road Staff (2019/20)

Senior Leadership Team


Miss E. Story Head Teacher (P4-P7)
Miss S. Dent Depute Head Teacher (Nursery – P3)
Mrs L. Ducan Depute Head Teacher [Acting] (ASN)
Mrs G. Grieve Principal Teacher of PEF [Acting]


School Teaching Staff


Miss L. Davidson Primary 1 (P1LD) [P1 Area]
Mrs N. Gallagher Primary 1/2 (P1/2NG) [P1 Area]
Miss C. Johnstone Primary 2 (P2CJ) [P1 Area]
Mrs K. Tees Primary 2 (P2KT) [Room 15]
Mrs V. Maganti Primary 3 (P3VM) [Room 12]
Miss L. Young Primary 3 (P3LY) [Room 14]
Miss K. Griffen Primary 3/4 (P3/4KG) [Room 13]
Mr P. Donald Primary 4 (P4PD) [Room 9]
Miss F. Ellis Primary 5 (P5FE) [Room 19]
Mrs B. McKay Primary 5 (P5BM) [Room 16]
Mrs A. Murray Primary 5/6 (P5/6AM) [Room 18]
Mr A. Dalgleish Primary 6 (P6AD) [Room 23]
Miss V. Lethbridge Primary 7 (P7VL) [Room 21]
Mrs R. Bruce Primary 7 (P7RB) [Room 22]
Miss C. Hill Primary 7 (P7CH) [Room 17]


Nursery Team


Miss L. Hull Nursery: Sunflowers
Mrs S. Urquhart Nursery: Bluebells
Mrs D. Dargie Senior Early Years Practitioner
Miss Lana Black Senior Early Years Practitioner
Miss S. Cheyne Early Years Practitioner
Miss V. Cruickshank Early Years Practitioner
Mrs L. Hooper Early Years Practitioner
Miss N. Porter Early Years Practitioner
Mrs J. Kilminster Early Years Practitioner (Mon – Wed)


Enhanced Provision Team


Miss S. Stewart Nurture Teacher
Mrs T. Robertson Nurture EYP (Mornings Only)
Mr G. McKay Teacher


Support for Learning Team


Miss A. Charles Teacher
Mrs E. Gilchrist Teacher (Mon – Wed)




Miss L. Carle Teacher of Physical Education
Mrs T. Smilie Teacher of Drama (Mon and Tues)
Mrs A. Cairney Teacher of Art and Design (Mon and Tues)
Miss S. Middleton Teacher of RME (Thurs)


EAL Team


Mr J. O’Neil Teacher (EAL)
Mrs M. Patel Teacher (EAL)


PSA Team


Mrs H. Ross Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs S. Geddes Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs S. Reid Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs M. Moig Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs R. Weger Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs L. Clark Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs S. Bell Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs E. Wrigley Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs T. Smith Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs F. Brown Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs P. Auld Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs K. Yeats Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs A. Sadler Pupil Support Assistant
Miss H. Craig Pupil Support Assistant
Miss S. Orbel Pupil Support Assistant

School Support Team


Mrs N. Davidson Administrator
Mrs K. Smith School Support Assistant
Vacancy School Support Assistant
Shona, Janey and Angie School Dining Staff
June Lollipop Assistant
Jarek Janitor
Caroline, Linda, Sarah and Wilma Cleaning Assistants


School Health Team


Mrs F. Nicol Educational Psychologist
Miss F. Robertson School Nurse
Liz Counselor (MHA)