Woodwind Tuition (P5 – P7)

Instrumental music tuition in woodwind is now available at Walker Road School on the following woodwind instruments:

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone and Bassoon

More information about lessons can be found here:

It is worth noting that if your child receives free school lunches there is no charge for
instrumental tuition. Additionally, if you already have a child that receives instrumental
tuition, the second will receive discounted lessons.

Please click on ‘Register for music tuition’ to request lessons. We will then contact you to
either begin lessons immediately or to notify that your child has been placed on our waiting

Please do not pay for tuition until requested by email from the Music Service

It is not always possible to allocate lessons on a first come first serve basis as we must be
able to create viable groups of pupils for tuition around school timetables.

We do not generally offer instrumental lessons until Primary 3. Stringed tuition begins around P3/4 and
most other musical instruments start at P5 or later.

Pupils who begin an instrument in a primary will automatically continue up to and
throughout secondary school. As our instructors teach across school clusters, you will
normally have the same one at both primary and secondary level.

Pupils typically start tuition in groups or paired classes. Individual lessons may be offered
later or in secondary school, with parents being notified of any proposed change to tuition

If you request to receive music tuition from Aberdeen City Council, it is your responsibility to
ensure that we are kept informed of any changes to your contact details. All communication
regarding your application will take place via email, and therefore any incorrect email
addresses may result in your place being allocated to another student if you do not reply to
an offer made to you.

For more information, please contact:

Ewing Lauder
Acting Music Coordinator

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