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Fortnite Game
You may have read in the national press or read the alert on our Cyber Prevention site that
there have been concerns raised about the game Fortnite. This is a hugely popular multiplatform
game that can be played on a computer, Xbox or Playstation, in addition, YouTube
tutorials of the game are also hugely popular.
Fortnite is an online game, which includes Battle Royale, where players do not have to pay
to play. In Battle Royale, 100 players compete against each other to be the last person
standing in player vs player (PVP) combat
Users play against people of different ages from across the world, and can talk and interact
with each other as they play through the in-game chat feature.
The concerns raised so far relate to possible online grooming or inappropriate language
that young people are being subjected to when playing; as the game allows unknown users
to connect together in a team and interact. However, users can also select who they want
to interact with within the settings ensuring young people are not talking to strangers.
The UK safer Internet centre and internet matters have published some guidance for
parents which you can find at –




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