RespectMe Workshops for Parents & Carers

In conjunction with RespectMe, Scotland’s anti-bullying service, parents and carers are invited to attend two forthcoming workshops being held across regional venues.

Online safety:  This interactive and hands on workshop lasting two hours will explore a range of important issues related to navigating the ever changing online world safely. The event will focus on:

  • How young people use technology- the risks/challenges
  • Popular social media apps- the pros and cons
  • Practical advice on parental controls, privacy and safety settings  with an opportunity to explore your own social media settings
  • Talking to your children about keeping safe online

 Responding to Bullying: This 90 minute workshop is designed to:

  • Increase your awareness of bullying behaviour
  • The different ways you can respond if your child is being bullied, or is involved in the bullying of others.
  • How you can work together with your school to provide effective support for children and young people.

Details of dates, times and venues are included in the attached letter.  If you would like to book a space on any of the workshops email:

RespectMe Workshops

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