Education and Skills Committee Poverty Inquiry Parent Survey

The Education and Skills Committee is running an inquiry into attainment and achievement of school aged children experiencing poverty.

The Committee’s website can be found here:

The focus of the Committee’s work will be looking at how policy is delivered to lessen the negative impact of poverty on education.

The Committee is keen to hear directly from parents/guardians and have four questions they wish to ask.

The deadline for submissions 22 March.  As the deadline is tight if you wish to make a submission later please get in direct contact with Ned Sharratt, Assistant Clerk, Education and Skills Committee at

Please make your submission on an A4 document and send to the above email address.  The questions for parents/carers/guardians are:

  1. How your children have been supported (in school or outside school)?
  2. What was good about it and what could have been better?
  3. How has this impacted on what the children in your family have achieved?
  4. What other things might support your children in achieving at school?

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