Aberdeen City Out of School Care Policy & Good Practice Guidelines 2017

Attached is a copy of the Aberdeen City Council Out of School Care Policy and Good Practice Guidelines which were approved by Aberdeen City Council earlier this year and launched in June.

Aberdeen City Council recognises that out of school care is central to the social and economic development of the city, enabling parents and carers to engage confidently with employment and employability opportunities; economically supporting themselves and their children.  Out of School care is also a major positive influence in improving outcomes for children in terms of their well-being, learning and development.  Aberdeen City Council’s policy is that all schools will work with parents and out of school care providers to establish and support out of school care in all educational establishments where there is sufficient parental demand. A key feature of the policy is to work with existing and future partners to best meet the needs of children, families and communities, including school communities.

Nicola Creighton and Elaine Crawford, Development Officers (Aberlour), will be visiting out of school clubs as part of their regular Quality Assurance work and are also able to support potential new providers with any queries.