A Magical Story for Halloween!

Milosz in Primary 5 came to show me a story he had written. We thought it would be nice to share. We are hoping we might be able to do more of this!

The Bubbling Cauldron

Once upon a time there lived a witch called Isabella. She loved to brew potions for cute little kiddies. Full of excitement Isabella started brewing another crazy, unforgettable, fun potion. Calmly and quickly she grabbed all of her amazing and weird ingredients. Luckily she found one hair of a Philosopherish Zebra Bear, which was the rarest of all the ingredients she used. Cautiously she checked all of her ingredients. Six frog legs,13 grams of powdered gold,1 gold rabbit’s foot, a chunk of a dark elixir wand AND the shiny and rare hair of a Philosopherish Zebra Bear.


Meanwhile Isabella put in the CRAZY ingredients. Feeling worried, children came over to Isabella’s house, knocked on the door and asked what the next spell was going to be. Isabella answered,

“It’ll make you tiny!”


After a while, when Isabella was finishing putting in the ingredients, somebody made a loud bang. Isabella was terrified and without noticing she put in too much powdered gold! She began to stir slowly but powerfully. Eventually, when she finished the potion, she gave it to the children. After 15 minutes they were GIANT!

Isabella was frightened more than she normally was. As quick as a flash she ran to her house and she began to brew a shrink potion with all the same ingredients but opposite. As the potion popped and fizzed, Isabella grabbed the rest of the ingredients. Having finished the potion, she went around the town and spilled it so they would shrink back to normal.


At last Isabella shrunk all the GIANTS and she won a trophy for saving the town.


By Milosz

Primary 5


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