Sports Day – Tullos Field (Friday 10th June at 9.45am)

We are hoping this glorious weather continues for our Sports Day this Friday 10th June.If the sunny weather continues, a hat and sun cream would be good just to ensure they are fully protected. Pupils will be walking over from school so please ensure they have a jumper/jacket even if it is very sunny as the field can be cold.

We are aiming to start at 9.45am/10am depending on when pupils arrive. There will be a mix of races and potted sports. P1-3 will remain in their classes with P4-7 mixing into House Teams.

All pupils should wear House Colours if possible.

As a reminder the colours are:

Brilliant Balnagask – Blue                                  Glorious Grampian – Green

Marvellous Menzies – Red                                 Terrific Torry – Yellow

If you are able to walk with us we would appreciate any additional bodies to help us get everyone there safely.

The PTA will be selling fruit and water to parents only. Please do not remove your child from the sports day for  them to go the stall. Please buy from the stall and take it to your child.


We wanted to share a quote with you which we did at Assembly when looking at the Para Olympics:

We want you to be good at sport, but above all we want you  all to be good sports.

Throughout the day staff will be watching and thinking about who should win our Sports Champion Awards. This is not for the person who wins the most races,  but for the person who shows the greatest character and encourages others.

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